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Motion graphics 2D and 3D With After effect and Autodesk Repto Course Free



    The present age is the age of internet. People all over the world are earning millions of rupees by using this internet. Bangladesh is not behind. Other countries are earning millions of dollars through motion graphics, 3D animation along with graphics design. In our country, except graphics design, the rest of the sectors are lagging behind. Whereas in reality motion graphics and animation work can earn relatively much money. This course is designed for that purpose. In our country, the demand for motion graphics, 3D animation and today's animation is increasing in the job market. Even applying for a graphic design job post requires knowledge of motion graphics, animation and video editing. The competition is very high so you have to keep yourself always ahead. This course teaches you how to do 2D, 3D motion graphics, how to make your own intro, how to manually model your assets, how to do lighting and finally how to render. This course is taught to you in the light of my personal professional ignorance, which is my five long years of acquired knowledge and very simple and secret techniques. Don't be disappointed at the beginning of anything. Motion graphics and animation is a work of patience. You will need to master it through lots of practice. The course will keep you ahead of the curve for jobs in this skyrocketing demand for animation and the age of social media. By doing this course, you can acquire good skills not only in one prescribed subject, but also in many other subjects, which will be very useful in your professional life later. So, by taking this course full of repertoire, you can develop yourself as a successful motion graphics designer, animator and 3D modeler.


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