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Message Book by Mizanur Rahman Azhari pdf Free


    Message pdf by Mizanur Rahman Azhari Review:

    The author has divided the book into 12 chapters or topics. That is why you will see You have 12 unread message on the cover of the book. 1) QurAner_Ma: The mother of the Qur'an means 'Surah Fatiha'. The author has analyzed the various virtues, importance, significance, content and structure of Surah Fatiha in a skillful and simple manner. Surah Fatiha is the most precious and blessed Surah of Quran which is the first Surah revealed in its entirety. Various aspects of this Surah have been described in a wonderful way, including Ummul Qur'an (Mother of the Qur'an), Suratush Shefa (Supplication for Disease), Wafia (must be recited in full), Suratud Dua (Prayer), Sabiul Masani (Daily Recitation) etc. 2) Muminer_Hatiaar: The writer mentions 'Prayer' as the tool of the believer. Dua changes fate, fulfills the desires of the heart. Muhammad SAW's method of dua, the time of dua acceptance, etiquette and the conditions of dua acceptance etc. have been highlighted in the light of Quran and Hadith.


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