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English for Professionals by Munzereen Shahid Course free


    Who this course is for

    Those who lack English speaking skills have trouble finding new jobs.

    Those who have just entered the workforce, but are unable to apply academic English knowledge in the office.

    Writing emails or speaking in English in meetings and presentations is intimidating to them.

    Those who have done well but cannot present the work well due to lack of English skills and confidence.

    About the course

    We learn English very seriously for studies or job exams. Similarly, speaking English with proper pronunciation or writing English effectively is very important in career. Getting a job largely depends on a candidate's English communication skills in job interviews. Again, a professional is verified with English communication skills early on entering a new job. From job interviews to professional careers, Ten Minute School brings you the 'English for Professionals' course to improve your English skills.

    In this course you will learn how to use English in workplace meetings, presentations or everyday communication. Various workplace situations are highlighted in the course, so that you can easily learn to use correct and effective English in every situation. In these situations, what kind of language is acceptable and what words should be avoided, is also taught in the course. So if you want to become proficient in English communication in the workplace, enroll in a course today and learn how to use English correctly in various situations.

    In the course you will get

    Practical methods of speaking or writing English in various office situations.

    Strategies to overcome language barriers to entering a new job or advancing in a current job.


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